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J R.

Arguably the best carnitas taco and chicken enchilada combo in Visalia, I order it literally every time I visit this fine establishment. Been coming here for years, the food and service is always consistently good. Their salsa is definitively the best in town, hands down. I order the enchilada sauce to go, as well as their salsa, whenever I attempt to make Mexican food at home.


Joshua C.

Absolutely the worst experience and food. Which is a disappointment as this was my moms favorite restaurant. The waitress never returned to check on us, the asada tortas tasted like fish, guacamole was bland and the overall restaurant is dirty and run down. The icing was when we were delivered 3 packets of ketchup with a plate of food. Aside from all of that, was the worker on break sitting in the front end of the restaurant playing loud memes off of here phone loudly. Will never return!


Brian B.

Quick prompt service. Though never heard back from waiter to order a beverage refill.  Chose the chili verde burrito supreme. Received an undersized flour tortilla folded in half, like a soft taco. Soaked in an extreme salty and acidic green sauce. Meat, rice, beans inside were decent. It's a shame the sauce was bad.


Steve R.

The service for my wife and I was great but the food isn't authentic Mexican style food. The salsa is runny like spaghetti sauce. The worst thing was a bug on the table that looked like a baby cockroach. My wife was grossed out. Service *****Salsa *Bug on table *Hopefully the owners really check the reviews and turn things around...


Kathy C.

Went there for lunch today and was very disappointed. Chile verde was so salty I couldn't even eat it. Left most of my order on my plate. No attempt was made to make it right when I mentioned to the waiter. Still paid .50+tax. Won't go back.


Angela A.

The worse Mexican restaurant ever in Visalia. Prices don't correspond with the quality and quantity of the food. Very disappointing since Mexican food is not expensive at all.Nacho's plate has very few nachos and we pay .00, what a rip off! The dish presentation very poor. This dish in other places are abundant. I don't like tacky places like this, First and last time there.


Michelle P.

This is probably the worse Mexican restaurant I've been to in town. I know sit in restaurants can be a little pricey for Mexican food, but this place was too pricey.  I ordered an asada nacho which costed and it practically came with no chips, except the 5 chips that bordered the plate. This was not nachos!! This is just plain dip. I get that they give you complimentary chips, but nachos should have its own chips or just call it dip if you're not going to give the customer chips with their order. I mean the complimentary chips we had were already almost gone when my nachos came and they didn't offer more I had to request for more. Every chip broke with every dip. And their complimentary salsa tasted like spaghetti sauce. I'm Caucasian and I make way better salsa. I would never go here again.


Tracy S.

Always have loved this place.  Friendly staff warm food delicious. Great company.Chorizo and eggs


Brody W.

Grew up going to this restraunt had alot of great memories with the family and recall the food being very good. I took my family back about a year ago and thought it was over priced. So we didnt go back again until this month. Only to find they had raised the prices....Again, they were so high that we actually walked out. The food is good but it is not an exquisite restraunt with delicacies to be priced like that. Will not be back again.


Nick B.

This place use to be clean and have really good food, went in today was seated at a booth with my wife she opens her menu and a roach comes out and crawls across the table, the restrooms were also very nasty and walls stained. Won't ever be back


Wasabi I.

I have so much to say about this place as I have never been so disappointed and maybe angry. This place was awful. Not sure if I should share that the employees here are racist and discriminated against Asian and Caucasian folks.Let's just say they greeted their own kind and picked up their tabs. While the Caucasian and Asian folks had to take the tab to them after sitting and waiting for 15-20 minutes. If you're thinking...maybe they're busy..well they were not because people were leaving and no more dishes were coming out. I even had eye contact with the waitress when she walked by to pick up the tabs from the tables who are of the same ethnicity as her. Keep in mind, these tables were directly beside and behind us. I continued to wait and the restaurant was almost empty (my party and another party). They still didn't come by. Well, definitely did not tip and we will never return. Now let's talk about the food. It took more than 30 mins for our food to come out. We ordered 2 entrees only, with one of them being a burrito.The chips and salsa were okay. Not too bad. It would have been better if the salsa had more ingredients. Didn't taste fresh and was more liquify than expected. A little salty as well. The fajitas dish was too bland. So we asked for more salsa. We simply thought that they would bring out the salsa but that didn't happen. In addition, the waitress didn't bring out the tortilla that goes with the dish so we had to ask for it after waiting for more than five minutes and watching her walk around. As for the burrito ordered it was overly salty. There were 2 components in this burrito, flour tortilla and ground beef. It was like eating burnt bacon bits. It was horrible. We took it apart to salvage it but it just wasn't appetizing considering it was just salty ground beef. We ate maybe about a half...just wasn't worth consuming. My final recommendation on this place is to stay away. I wouldn't come back even if they had tacos with a pitcher a beer.


Monica P.

Outrageously overpriced for mediocre food. At least the place was clean. And the chips were good! FYI The salsa is made with Clamato.... Really? You guys are going to serve Clamato and add some cilantro and a hint of lime juice and call it salsa? Uhhhhh..... the family that we were seated next to left a lot of food on their plates so that was our que to go somewhere else....


Won't B.

No idea why this place doesn't have more stars. Food is ALWAYS great. Have never had a bad meal here.


Amy M.

A little pricey, humongous portions, quality is decent. But the reason I am writing today is to commend their secret weapon Seasons. Seasons is a bar tender/waitress who is just amazing! Some people are great at hosting guests but Seasons goes far beyond the expectations. She is probably the best at her job in the world. I know I know it's a boldly childish statement but I'm not kidding. I have a one year old and she was so patient and attentive to my needs. She was so friendly and natural. Its nice to see someone so happy to do their job. We usually go to the Noble location but I would come back here for Seasons.


Gerald C.

We had lunch in Visalia today. Ate at a place called El Rosa . It was wonderful, great staff, nice atmosphere. We make this a more often stop to eat. Food was very light and tasty.


Mike P.

We returned for my favorite fajitas. When the waitress went to get us refills on our sodas, she put her fingers inside the tops of the cups. We haven't been back. Much better this time. Fajitas great as usual. Service much improved. Get some green sauce for your refried beans. Nut delicioso.


Lori S.

Terrible! Took our family for lunch yesterday overpriced slow service, mushy chili rellanos, cold enchiladas lacking flavor. Our first...and last visit.


Alex L.

Overpriced for mediocre food. Two (small) tacos were . Nothing special, save the trip... and your pocket book!


Natalie R.

One of the greatest experiences. I went in one day for lunch, just me and my 9 month old. She had just ate but was eyeing my food. My food was insanely hot, WHICH I LOVED, but I couldn't give her any. The owner came by, checked on me and then proceeded to bring French fries for my little one. Such a nice gesture! It was my first time at this location. Delicious food, great staff, fast and efficient and amazing owners! I WILL be back! It isn't easy going out with a little one so it means a lot to go to a restaurant that accepts it and embraces it. Thank you so much!


Chris W.

Worst experience ever! Walked out before we could taste the food as cockroaches crawl up the walls. I have it on video, so gross

About El Rosa and reviewsAbout El Rosa and reviewsAbout El Rosa and reviewsAbout El Rosa and reviews
About El Rosa and reviews
About El Rosa and reviews
About El Rosa and reviews
About El Rosa and reviews