33 easy and delicious light recipes

A book of light recipes is a super gift that you can make to any person, be it for birthdays, wise men, Christmas, anniversaries, etc. It is also an ally for those who have proposed to improve their diet at the start of a new year.

The good news is that, with this post, the best recipes for light meals they will not be as heavy as in a book, and you will have them on hand, online, to review them whenever you want. Thus, January will not be a difficult month, as many paint it, and the myth that it is not possible to eat light but tasty will end. If after reading this note, someone still has that idea, I am more than ready to discuss it in the comments at the bottom of the page.

To make life easier, the preparations on this list are not treated only from healthy meals, but also from easy light recipes . After so much cooking in December, it is totally normal to want a peaceful and uncomplicated January.

Light recipes for all occasions

We will also end with another myth: prepare meals healthy is boring. Could not be farther from the truth. With this list of light recipes , it is shown that they can be varied every day.

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Baked salmon: The oven and the iron are the kings when it comes to recipes light, and fish is the favorite of protein ingredients. We already know that when choosing between fish, salmon is always among the favorites.

Roasted chicken: of course, this dish can not be missing from this list. It is healthy, light, and everyone likes it.

Spinach salad : In Comedera.com we have not thought of one, but several ways to prepare this recipe. Do you remember that we were talking about variety?

Fish ceviche: for some mysterious reason, the Ceviche is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about light meals. You have to launch a pro-ceviche campaign. The world will be better.

Homemade yogurt: yogurt is healthy and light, but still more healthy if it is made at home.

Arugula and apple salad: Salads fans know that the key is to mix the right ingredients. This combination will enter your list of favorite light recipes.

Chicken thighs with ginger and honey: honey is an excellent ingredient to leave the daily flavors, without taking away the light side of the meals. Same for ginger, which can turn a recipe into something totally different.

Yogurt dressing and curry: one of the most common pitfalls, when it comes to preparing recipes for light salads, is to fall into the error of using light vegetables, but add a very caloric dressing.But to get out of the routine, this time it's spicy chicken.

Stewed chicken : I like Asians because with very simple ingredients, they propose light food recipes with new flavors.

Vegetable soup: a classic of the dietetic recipes , par excellence, and even better if the starchy vegetables are left out of the selection.

Eggplant salad: one of the less common presentations of this ingredient, it can become one of the best surprises on your list of light recipes .

Cream of courgette: this list does not It could be complete without the zucchini . If you want to add more vegetables, you can add leeks or carrots, as we explained at the end of the recipe.

Sweaty fish: recipe light as a feather, but attention when accompanying with potatoes (optional).

fattoush salad: although it has a little more calories, this recipe will take you out of the routine with unusual flavors.

Entominated chicken: another way to prepare the chicken, without removing the light weight. In addition, this version has a particular taste, because it has paprika.

Salad white beans: this dish already has proteins, while still being vegetarian. It's different, fresh, and with flavors that you do not try every day.

Vegetables sautéed with tofu: Chinese cuisine has a beautiful amount of sautéed, and among them, many are very loaded with vegetables. This type of recipes can be very light if fats are not used. If you also minimize the meat, as in this case, you will enter the top of light recipes.

Grilled salmon: it is too difficult to choose between grilled salmon and baked salmon. If you have already prepared the first dish on this list, here is the recipe for the second, so you do not have to choose.

Caprese salad: if the summer had a flag stamped with a plate of food, the plate would be this one. Nothing fresher and lighter.

For me, setting favorite recipes on this list is a bit like an impossible mission, more for a philosophy issue than a preference. The point is that I believe in the variety to take a habit, rather than start with the favorite dishes and then lose the inspiration of a style of eating. If every day there is a surprise, and you have enough variety, it should not be difficult to establish a feeding style, be it healthy meals, easy light recipes, vegetarian, low calorie recipes or any other.

In other publications we will show you how to maintain the habit of light diet, with several categories:

  • Light desserts: if we already take care of salty, you have to make a space for the sweet, because eating light does not mean eating incomplete.
  • Recipes to lose weight: to propose to lose weight does not mean limited to lettuce and tuna in water.The words prawns and light are too perfect to be in the same idea ... Wait ... There is a recipe with both.
  • Turkey rolls stuffed with vegetables. The turkey also has a preferential place when it comes to light food.
  • Light pork Bondiola. Pork can be surprisingly light and healthy. Here a version that leads to sweetener. Why did not you expect to see pork in a list of light recipes?
  • Endive racks. A different vegetable, presented in an original way.
  • Soup of carrots and peas. Original ingredients in a delicious and healthy combination.
  • Veal kebabs with vegetable grill. To keep the "light" when it comes to red meat, you have to take care of the selection of cuts, the ingredients and do not overdo it.
  • Ceviche de setas. We had already talked about ceviche as a light option. In addition to being ideal with fish or some seafood, it also works very well with vegetables.
  • Lentil burgers. Hamburgers do not have to be enemies of the light kitchen.
  • Pizza light. It sounds like a contradiction, but it exists. At least, some pizzas are more light than others.